Viewing Student Lesson/Chapter Work

The system displays a button labeled Snapshot View/Lesson View which is a toggle for the information shown on the page. You can easily click from the default Snapshot View to Lesson View to toggle to a more detailed view. (Note: When grading Chapter Tests, the Lesson View button is Chapter View.)

Snapshot View
The Snapshot View for grading the lesson components provides you with information on an entire chapter-at-a-glance. The curriculum information is broken into each lesson and lesson tab. You can use this view to quickly see which students have submitted work and what lessons and components you have graded. (Note: The Snapshot View for grading Chapter Tests provides you with an at-a-glance view of the Chapter Tests, by Unit, that will be presented to students throughout the year. For each unit, you will see which students have submitted answers for the Part 2 items of the Chapter Tests and which tests have been graded.)

The system displays drop-down menus for teachers to choose the unit and chapter to work with. The default displays the unit corresponding to the lesson on the Home page. You can change the unit, and the corresponding chapter and lesson (or unit and chapter test for Chapter Tests) will update accordingly. When you hover over a lesson, rollover text appears with the complete lesson name.

The system displays students and the teacher associated with a class in a column labeled Class on the left side of the page. When a new class is selected, the lesson grid or chapter test column updates to reflect the students and their corresponding work.

Lesson View/Chapter View

The Lesson View/Chapter View page allows you to review submitted student work and provide comments and grades. (Note: The Chapter View page is where you can review the answers submitted by students to the Part 2 items of the Chapter Tests.)

Teachers can grade all of the work for all lesson components or Chapter Tests for each student or easily grade a particular component or Chapter Test for every student. When a student is selected, the body of the page defaults to the compnent or Chapter Test tab that was selected for the previous student in the class list. This allows teachers to easily go down the list of students and grade all of the work for a specific component or Chapter Test. (Note: If there is no previous student, the THINK or Chapter Test tab will be selected.)