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Correlation Report

The Correlation Report allows administrators and teachers to see the direct alignment of state or national standards to specific lesson components within eScience.  The report can be run in two ways: as a Standards Correlation report or a Reverse Correlation Report.  The Standards Correlation Report contains the state or national standard in the left column and the corresponding eScience lessons on the right.  The Reverse Correlation Report lists the eScience lesson in the left column and the corresponding standards on the right.

To access the Correlation Report:
  1. From the Teacher's Edition, click Admin at the top of the page.
  2. Select Correlation Reports from the options provided.
  3. Choose from the options provide, including the grade, type of report, and standards.  
  4. Click View Results.
  5. When viewing the report, you can click any of the blue, hyperlinked lessons to go directly to that lesson.
  6. From the report display, you can Send to Printer or Export to Excel.  
NOTE:  If you wish to run the report for multiple types of standards  (state vs. national), you will see to run a separate report for each type of standard.