Reviewing Student Work

Clicking Admin and then Student Work presents teachers with options to Grade lesson steps, Grade chapter tests, or View student grades.
There are a few grading components for you to become familiar with to make grading students lesson components and chapter tests simple:
Show/Hide Prompt: When clicked, this toggle shows or hides the prompt students see during this lesson step. This allows you to see exactly what prompt students responded to.
    1. The Read Step does not display a prompt.
    2. The Review Step displays the question and the toggle is Show/Hide Question. (Note: In the Chapter View, the Part 2 Question is displayed and the toggle is called Show/Hide Question and Sample Answer).

Response Buttons: These buttons allow you to navigate between different student responses within a lesson. Response buttons display if there is more than one response submitted. The Response buttons are replaced with Question buttons in the Review component.

Grade: This text is read-only. The system displays the selected choice from the Grades drop-down menu for the response.

Grades drop-down: The system displays a drop-down allowing you to grade each response. The values range from 100 to 0. No Grade displays if you have not selected a value.

Teacher Comment text box: The system displays a text box for you to provide comments to students. When the SUBMIT button is clicked, comments are sent to the student. Teachers can modify their comments to the student after clicking SUBMIT and the most recent comment will display.