Teacher's Materials

As students work through the Five Steps of the lesson, you will be instructing and interacting with them, fostering class discussions around key concepts and engaging the class in activities to extend the lesson. Support materials that align with the Five Steps to Scientific Inquiry are provided in a section above the Reference Materials in the section called Teacher’s Materials.

To access the Teacher's Materials for each lesson step:

  1. Click the lesson step you are working on.
  2. Click the link, to the right of the lesson, under Teacher’s Materials, to view materials for the specific step.

    • The Read step contains different links for each page of the step.
    • The Review step materials contain an Answer Key link which contains the questions and answers for all of the questions in Part 1 and the questions and sample answers for all the questions in Part 2.

  3. Click the PRINT icon in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up screen to print the materials. (Note: To print all of the materials for the lesson, click the LESSON GUIDE button.)