Searching for Additional Content

Teachers and students can find supplemental content by searching our extensive database.  The Search feature allows teachers and students to search for lessons by keyword, phrase, or lesson title. Results are returned in order from most to least relevant. The system searches all the lesson tabs, including Before and After Lesson tabs and pop-up icons, but does not search documents within the lesson’s Reference Materials section, such as handbooks, graphic organizers, or Extended Learning PDFs.

Search can be accessed by both teachers and students from the top navigation bar from any page within eScience3000.
The Search feature has a number of special tools to help you customize the way you look for content in eScience3000:
  • Discipline Filter for Teacher Search:  Teachers have the option to filter their searches to limit the results to one of the three scientific disciplines that are addressed by the units in eScience3000. For example, you can search for the word “motion” and limit your search to Physical Science lessons. The default for this option is for all disciplines to be searched. This filter is not available in Search in the Student Edition.
  • Spell-Check: When you enter a term that has been misspelled, the search engine will attempt to match the misspelling with a word in its database. If it finds a match, it will run the search on the corrected spelling but then offer you the option to search again on the original misspelling that you entered.
  • Boolean Operators: Teachers and students can use the operators AND, OR, or NOT in your searches to find lessons that meet specific criteria. For example, if you wanted to locate lessons that address cells but not plant cells, you could enter cells NOT plant in the search text bar and click “Search”.
  • Deleted Lessons: If a lesson has been deleted from your curriculum, it will appear in the search results prefaced by two asterisks and the Unit, Chapter, and Lesson information will be in italic font. The words “Not Scheduled” will appear below the Unit, Chapter, and Lesson title instead of a date. If you wish to restore a deleted lesson to your curriculum, this can be done via the Curriculum Scheduler in the Admin section. Students will not see lessons in their search results that have been deleted from their teacher’s curriculum.
  • Lessons Scheduled Outside Defined School Year: If a lesson has been scheduled on a date that is outside your defined school year (either before the start or after the end of the year), the lesson will appear prefaced by one asterisk and the “Scheduled” date will appear in red in your search results. The date for any lesson can be adjusted using the Curriculum Scheduler. Students will not see lessons in their search results that are scheduled outside their teacher’s defined school year.