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Performance Reports

eScience provides customized curriculum based on alignment to state or national standards.  The items administered to students in Part 1 of the Review and Part 1 of the Chapter Tests are aligned to standards and provide valuable information regarding student comprehension of key science concepts. 

LevelSet, Achieve3000’s Lexile placement test, was used to approximate your students reading level for placement in eScience. Although many science classes will not use the interim or post-test, the How has Lexile information changed over time report is available.

District administrators can select a school and/or class, if desired, to view performance information. All performance reports are updated nightly. Student usage and activities will show up on these reports the morning after they have been completed. All student work is associated to the class the student was in when the work was completed. You can view work completed in other classes by changing the options on the report page.