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Taking a Chapter Test

The Chapter Test is comprised of two parts - a series of 4-6 forced-choice questions which are scored by the system and a series of 2-3 open-ended questions which are scored by the teacher.
To respond to the forced-choice questions in Part 1 of the Chapter Test:
  1. Read the question and answer options provided. 
  2. Click the letter of the most appropriate response.
  3. You will be taken to the next item. You will not receive any feedback while answering the questions. Your Part 1 score is available 24 hours after completing the test.

To respond to the open-ended questions in Part 2 of the Chapter Test:

  1. Position your cursor in the text box and begin typing.
  2. Use the formatting toolbar to change the font style and to add formatting.
  3. Click SUBMIT when you are finished. You will see a prompt that tells you your response was received. Click OK, then click NEXT QUESTION to move on to the remainder of the test. (Note: You will see the day and time you submitted each response on the lower right corner of the text box before you click NEXT QUESTION.)
  4. After completing the last question, instead of seeing the NEXT QUESTION button, you will see a VIEW RESULTS button. Click VIEW RESULTS to move on.
When finished answering both parts of the chapter test:
  1. You will receive a note thanking you for completing the Chapter Test. Scores for Part 1 of the Chapter Test are available 24 hours after completing the test. Scores for Part 2 are available as soon as the teacher grades them.
  2. After reading the information, click Close. You are returned to the home page.