The Review questions assess comprehension, compare-and-contrast skills, and more complex short answer responses. The questions in the first part of the Review component are aligned to standards and help inform the teacher about which concepts and standards the student has mastered and which require additional instruction.
NOTE: Students reading at the ~400L receive more simplified content that is approprate for their reading level. They will be able to answer the vast majority of Review items based on the content in their Read component but may, for a small number of items, be referred to the Stretch tab for additional background information that will be helpful in formulating their response

The Review tab is comprised of two parts - a series of 4-6 forced-choice questions, which are scored by the system, and a series of 2-3 open-ended questions which are scored by the teacher.

The first part of the Review component includes two types of questions—multiple choice and drag-and-drop:

In the multiple-choice questions, students are asked to select the letter of the correct answer. Students will only receive one attempt to answer each question, and they will see immediate feedback if their answer was correct or incorrect.

Three types of drag-and-drop questions are presented:

  1. In a Venn diagram, students are asked to drag and drop words or pictures into a labeled Venn diagram with two overlapping circles.
  2. In a labeled chart, students are asked to drag words or pictures into a labeled chart with a customized number of rows and columns.
  3. In an unlabeled chart, students drag words or pictures into a chart based on the instructions.

Students can interact with the drag-and-drop questions multiple times, by moving items around, until they are ready to SUBMIT. The system displays the correct answer on the screen after students have submitted their work. If students have to leave the page while in the middle of the drag and drop activity, for example, to go back to the Read tab to check their work, their work is saved.

After students finish answering part one of the Review component, they are moved into part two. In part two, students are asked to complete open ended review questions that can only be submitted one time.

To respond to the open-ended questions in Part 2 of the Review:

  1. Position your cursor in the text box and begin typing.
  2. Use the formatting toolbar to change the font style and to add formatting.
  3. Click SUBMIT when you are finished. You will see a prompt that tells you your response was received. Click OK, then click NEXT QUESTION to move on. (Note: You will see the day and time you submitted each response on the lower right corner of the text box before you click Next Question.)
  4. After completing the last question, instead of seeing the NEXT QUESTION button, you will see a VIEW RESULTS button. Click VIEW RESULTS to move on.
  5. You will see your score for Part 1. The score for Part 2 will be available as soon as your teacher grades it. You can access your scores later by clicking the lesson on the My Lessons page.

Once students have finished the entire Review tab, they can see a summary of both part 1 and part 2 results. Students can immediately see the results of part 1, by clicking on the VIEW RESULTS button after completing the last open-ended question. Students are only able to see the results of part 2 after teachers have graded their work. Students can click on any item on the Results Summary page to see the question and correct answer(s) and any teacher comments for the open-ended questions.