Dictionary and Audio Support

Lesson Audio Support
Students can hear a recording of the the lesson content by clicking the audio controls the the side of each of the lesson pages. (Audio features must be enabled).
  1. Click the Play button to listen to the lesson content. 
  2. Click Stop to stop the audio playback.  When you click Play again, it will start the audio where you left off.
  3. To hear a specific section of text, click the talk bubble icon, then highlight the text you wish to hear.
  4. Click the dial icon to adjust the speed of the audio playback.
Dictionary Support
  1. Click an underlined word. A definition will appear with audio controls. (Note: Some underlined words display pop-ups with additional information, not dictionary terms).
  2. Click the Play icon to hear the pronunciation and definition. The recording will start to play. You can click Pause or Stop during the playback if needed. (Note: If you click stop during the playback, the recording will start from the beginning the next time you click Play.) 
  3. Click "X" to close the definition pop-up and return to the passage.