Students read and reply to a writing prompt and select an answer to the discussion question.

As part of the Think process, students read information on the key concept being covered which helps them activate prior knowledge and make connections to the concept. Students are then prompted to answer a question or write ideas in the text box provided. Students can save their writing if they are unable to finish and can submit their work for teacher review.
To add text to the text box:
  1. From the Think screen, position your cursor in the text box and write your response.
  2. Use the formatting toolbar to change the font style and to add formatting.
  3. When you are finished writing, click SUBMIT to send your work to the teacher to review. If you are unable to finish, click FINISH LATER. (Note: When you return to Think to continue working, the response tab you last worked on will display.)
  4. A blue teacher comment indicator will appear on the Think tab when teacher comments are available.
  5. When you return to the Think tab to review and reply to teacher comments, you create a new response tab by clicking in the text box. When prompted, you can choose to copy your existing work into a new response or to start a blank response.

After students complete Page 1 of the Think Step, they proceed to Page 2 by clicking an arrow on the bottom right on Page 1 or by clicking the Page number 2 on the top right of the screen. Page 2 presents a discussion question for the student to answer. Students will select an answer, click SUBMIT and then see results based on how all of the students in this class responded. The correct or best answer for the discussion is identified with a green checkmark.