Five Steps to Scientific Inquiry

The Home page is the first thing students will see after they have logged into eScience. The Home page is the main navigational page and gives students access to the current assigned lesson, ANNOUNCEMENTS, NEWS FEEDS, and the My Lessons link. Home is available on all pages and, when selected, will return students to the home page.

After taking LevelSet, students have access to the eScience program. When Start Lesson is clicked from the home page, students can access their assigned lesson. Each lesson has five components that are a part of the Five Steps to Scientific Inquiry: Think, Read, Investigate, Review, and Apply. These components can be completed in any sequence as directed by the teacher.

  • Make inquiries as you THINK
  • Increase your knowledge as you READ
  • Explore concepts as you INVESTIGATE
  • Show mastery as you REVIEW
  •  Extend new knowledge as you APPLY