Enabling Student Videos During School Hours

By default, student videos are disabled during school hours due to bandwidth limitations at many schools. If your school’s bandwidth allows, you may wish to enable the videos for students. This allows students to access the videos during the school day. (Note: Teachers may view the videos at any time from the Teacher's Edition.)

  1. Log into your eScience3000 Teacher's Edition. (Note: If you have access to multiple Achieve3000 programs, select eScience3000 after logging in.)
  2. Click Admin at the top of the screen.
  3. Click User Administration.
  4. Click on Edit district or school or class information. Click on the district, school, or class code for which you would like to adjust the video settings.
  5. On the Edit District, Edit School, or Edit Class page, click District Settings, School Settings, or Class Settings to expand the section.
  6. To enable videos during the school day, check the box next to Enable Student Videos during school hours.
  7. Click SUBMIT to save your changes.

(Note: Students may listen to the audio track for the videos when the Sound setting is on. If your school experiences bandwidth issues that cannot be amended, we recommend disabling the Sound during school hours for students. Instead, teachers may present the content from the Teacher's Edition during school hours.)