Editing Student and Teacher Information

  1. Log in to your eScience3000 Teacher's Edition. (Note: If you have access to multiple Achieve3000 programs, select eScience3000 after logging in.)
  2. Click Admin at the top of the screen. (Note: Administrators may be prompted to select their district and school. Click Submit.)
  3. Click User Administration.
  4. Click Edit student and teacher information.
  5. Select a class and click SUBMIT. Your class list appears on the screen.
  6. To edit an individual student’s profile or a teacher’s profile, position your cursor in any available field to the right of the user whose profile you want to edit. Then make any of the following changes:
    • Change the times for LevelSet delivery in the Supervised Student Work Start Time and End Time columns.
    • Disable or enable avatar selection during school by checking or unchecking the Avatars during School box.
    • Disable or enable videos during school by checking or unchecking the Videos during School box.
    • Disable or enable the audio settings for each student.  Note: You will want to make sure that your students have access to headphones while using the audio tools.
    • Check the settings for the highlighting toolbar. By default, this is turned on for your students. To turn it off, uncheck the box.
    • To change the login name, password, pen name, reading level, math level, text size, or assessment grade level, click on the student's login name.
  7. Make the desired edits, and click SAVE CHANGES.