Reviewing Students' LevelSet Scores


After your students have taken LevelSet, you should check their Lexile scores to be sure they are consistent with what you know about their reading abilities. LevelSet tests students’ ability to comprehend non-fiction, informational passages. Your students’ non-fiction reading abilities may be different than their overall reading abilities. Many students have more difficulty reading informational texts than narrative texts. When you review your students’ scores, look for results that are within one grade level of other reading measures. A LevelSet test result that is up to one grade level lower or higher than other tests does not necessarily indicate an invalid administration.

You can review your students’ test scores at any time:

  1. Log into your eScience3000 Teacher’s Edition. (Note: If you have access to multiple Achieve3000 programs, select eScience3000 after logging in.)
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click  Performance Reports.
  4. Click How has Lexile performance changed over time?
  5. The page that appears has a series of drop-down boxes. Use the drop-down boxes to customize your report, if desired.

a. Who should we include in this report?

Select a class or run the report for all classes. You can also select an individual user to view data from that particular user only.

b. What date range should we look at?

Edit the start and end dates.

c. How should we summarize the results?

By default, Summarize by class is selected. Select Summarize by grade to see the information organized by grade. Select Show information on every student to see one entry for each student.

6.       Click VIEW RESULTS.

7.       A list of users appears, grouped by class, grade, and/or school. If your results are summarized, click the + sign to expand your


8.       Scan the test scores. Look for test results that are consistent with what you know about your students’ reading abilities.    
(Note: The Teacher's Edition reports negative Lexiles to –600L. This can help you see any incremental progress that your most struggling students are making. Negative numbers will appear in the Teacher Edition reports, but not in any student or parent reports.)