Test Taking Tips

LevelSet is what enables Achieve3000 Solutions to work their magic. The first thing your students will do on Achieve3000 is take the LevelSet assessment. This test determines each student’s nonfiction Lexile® ability for correct placement in the program, so that each student can receive science lessons that are matched to his/her individual reading levels.

 Here’s what you need to know about LevelSet:

  • The test is crucial to your students’ success. For optimal gains with Achieve3000, students must be accurately placed.
  • The test will be delivered automatically the first time your students log in.
  • Students will read a series of passages and answer a question about each one.
  • You can expect LevelSet to take one classroom period; but, since it is an adaptive test, it may take longer for some students.
  • Follow these tips to make sure your students do their best on LevelSet.

LevelSet scores will be available immediately after students test. It is very important to make sure they are accurate for proper program placement. To find out how to check your students’ test scores, refer to the Reviewing student's LevelSet scores page in help.